BRR!!! It’s cold outside in Kentucky! If your soul is craving warmth, here are some of our favorite wellness tips for staying warm and healthy all winter long…

1. Hot Broth

Our friends at Caldo have the perfect solution for warming up on cold days like today! Try some house-made organic chicken broth, beef broth or miso soup. All broths and soups are locally prepared here in house by a chef. The fermented miso is MSG free, gluten free and vegan. Bones to make the chicken and beef broths are sourced locally and consciously right here in Kentucky. Read more about the benefits and ingredients on Caldo’s website.

2. Infrared Sauna

Oh, yes! The last time I stepped in to the far infrared sauna at Centered, I had no idea how cold my tootsies were until they started to warm up. Infrared heat also aids in detoxification, weight loss, relieving symptoms of arthritis, Lyme disease, anxiety, migraines and more. Learn more or book your session here.

3. Warming Breath

Maryliana Wickus recently joined our team, teaching yoga and sharing her gifts of Breathwork coaching with a 12 week breathwork awareness course beginning March 17th and a special opening intro workshop on March 12th 1-4pm. Join us to experience the benefits of cultivating a regular breathwork practice!

4. Yoga

Our yoga studio is filled with light and calming energy any day of the week, and some of the most beautiful days to practice yoga or meditation in our studio are days when it is raining or snowing. You can hear the sounds of nature on our rooftop, and see the snowflakes or raindrops dancing behind you through the windows of our floor-to-ceiling garage doors. Come rest, relax and renew with us.