Our Infrared Sauna is currently out of commission. In the meantime, perhaps consider the following practices for alternative supports to your detoxification, pain relief, and de-inflammation efforts:

  • Get moving, especially in classes where you might work up a sweat. Here at Centered we highly recommend Ecstatic Dance, Earth Flow, Moon Flow, and Subtle Power Yoga for those of us looking to get our blood pumping.
  • Enjoy blended-modality and therapeutic relaxation massage for a soothed nervous, muscular, and digestive system with one of our expert massage therapists.  See the whole list on our “About Us” page or call us at (859) 721-1841 to find your perfect therapist match.
  • Check out our sister space, the Lexington Salt Cave, for detoxing using halotherapy and ionic foot baths!
  • Make sure you’re taking the best possible care of your body through dietary and lifestyle habits like…
    • Drinking LOTS of water (half your bodyweight in ounces), sleeping sufficiently and regularly, and pampering your gut with nutritious veggies and fruits. PRO TIP: when choosing produce, ALWAYS buy organic if you’re eating the whole plant (berries, salad greens, potatoes). If you’re on a budget, consider only buying non-organic when you’ll be removing the exterior skin/shell (bananas, avocado, citrus fruits. This helps avoid chemical treatments to your produce and the toxins they bring to your body!
    • Also, avoid alcohol, caffeine, refined carbohydrates, preservatives, and dairy products.

Infrared Sauna for Detoxified Health

Infrared saunas enhance wellbeing with radiant heat, penetrating the body up to 3 inches deep. This allows the blood to more efficiently deliver oxygen to the areas that are stiff, sore, or in pain. Read below for more information on infrared sauna benefits, safety, and more!
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Infrared Sauna Details

Always consult with your doctor before using the infrared sauna. Please DO NOT use the sauna if you are pregnant, have had stroke, brain tumor or a recent heart attack. Please remove any metal jewelry before entering the sauna as it may become hot to the touch. Relax and take deep breaths during your session to increase the benefits of the sauna and aromatherapy.

Moving around and stretching a bit or standing inside the sauna is nice to do. This stimulates the lymphatic system to move and release toxins. Drink plenty of water before and after your session. Wear what you feel most comfortable in. You WILL sweat! Please use a towel for sitting on the bench and place any soiled linens in the bin after use. The control panel is fully functional from the inside. If you feel overheated, turn down the temperature or simply open the sauna door. It will shut off automatically after use.

Thank you for taking care of your body. The specific wood used in Centered’s infrared sauna is sensitive and has the ability to actually kill mold, bacteria, and other hazardous germs – creating a self cleaning environment. Therefore, we stay true to the detoxifying effect of the sauna and use only products that are completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Infrared waves matches the frequency of the water in our cells, causing toxins to be released into the bloodstream and excreted through sweat. Increased blood circulation caused by sweating stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built up toxins and waste. As the heat penetrates the deeper, denser tissues, the infrared heat softens deposits of crystallized toxins and acid wastes in the joints, nerves, and connective tissues allowing them to be dissolved and excreted via the bloodstream, lymphatic system, and through the skin as sweat.

A lot of our issues stem from heavy metal toxicity. This kind of heat is particularly effective for eliminating heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, zinc and nickel from the tissues as well as toxins like nicotine, alcohol and chemicals.

Immune support
Each time you take a sauna session, there is a brief increase in body temperature, which boosts the production of infection-fighting white blood cells (leukocytes) by your bone marrow and killer T-cells by your thymus. This process has a beneficial effect on your immune system.
High blood pressure
The soft heat relaxes blood vessels, helping reduce high blood pressure and not adding to it as conventional saunas can.
Water retention, lymphatic issues, bloating and weight gain
Infrared therapy helps eliminate excess moisture, salt and subcutaneous fat from the body. Sweating is a part of the complex thermo-regulatory process of the body that increases the heart rate and improves the heart-pumping capacity of the heart. It also uses up energy to burn fat as at 43 C fat becomes water soluble and can be dissolved and disposed of by sweating. A single sauna session may burn up as many calories as a 30 minute jog, so you can lose weight at the same time as detoxifying your entire body!
Pain and joint stuff
The deep penetrating heat of infrared saunas dilates blood vessels increasing blood flow and improving circulation which in turn allows more oxygen to reach the muscles and other body tissues. This makes infrared sauna therapy very effective in treating arthritis, rheumatism, muscular spasms, soft tissue injuries, general pain relief and fibromyalgia-related symptoms.

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