Coaching & Counseling Modalities

Sarah Belzile

Sarah Belzile is an intimacy and embodiment coach and erotic educator. She has facilitated transformational experiences for hundreds of people, in her role as a faculty member for the Body Electric School as well as with her own retreats, both virtual and in person. Learn more here.

Colin Chipps

Colin Chipps is the founder and director of the Lexington and Knoxville Intuitive Centers and has taught intuitive development to the general public for over 30 years. He offers one on one sessions as well as ongoing courses at Centered on intuitive development. Learn more here.

Miroslava Dorochenko

Miroslava practices a unique and powerful coaching system that helps people achieve transformation! She helps her clients find blocks in any area of their lives and overcome them, so they can reach their desired goal or level of satisfaction. Learn more here.

black and white photo of Lauren Higdon links to her personal bio

Lauren Higdon

Lauren offer somatic coaching on relationships, sex, intimacy and birth for couples and individuals. She integrates 25 years of experience as a trauma informed movement instructor, birth doula, bodywork and breathwork practitioner. She helps partners and women through life transitions, de-shamifying and reclaiming safety and pleasure in their bodies, leading to vibrant health and relationships. Virtual & in person sessions. Learn more here.

Connie Milligan

Connie’s decision to become a Transformational Life Coach was very intentional. She wanted to expand and refocus her clinical expertise with the positive, potential-based tools of Transformational Life Coaching. This is a dynamic, life-affirming change process, different from counseling, which starts with a focus on negative symptoms and diagnostics. Learn more here.