Lauren Higdon

Massage Therapist
Yoga Instructor

Lauren’s Personal Covid-19 Response:

I will begin seeing clients again on June 15th. Per State regulation, we will practice with a mask and require clients to do the same. Please see our home page for the full list of precautions and measures we will be taking to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. Thank you for your patience and care as we move through this challenging time together.



Lauren is the owner, director and co-creator of Centered. She’s been practicing and teaching yoga and massage therapy for over 19 years and has offered talks on health and wellness for focus groups, the VA, Hospice, women in recovery, local hospitals and universities.  She has served on the faculty in the massage and yoga programs at Lexington Healing Arts Academy and currently teaches prenatal yoga in The Essence of Yoga advanced teacher training program and leads international yoga retreats. Her private practice focuses on massage therapy, yoga and a variety of other bodywork modalities, including craniosacral, Thai massage, and movement re-education. Lauren’s ongoing passions and practices include spending time with her family, hiking, art, yoga, meditation, breathwork, martial arts, mental health awareness and advocacy.  She particularly loves working with women and families moving through birth, life transitions, trauma and recovery as well as children and infants with sensory, digestive and developmental needs.
Lauren’s mission is to help spread the power and potential of holistic care. Her belief and practice in promoting oxytocin as a mechanism for healing is a defining characteristic of her work, life and daily self care practices.  She feels that self care is our personally prescribed “medicine” and in today’s world, taking this time each day is not selfish but rather necessary for our overall health, well-being and connection to our precious world.
Private Sessions: Craniosacral, Prenatal & PostPartum, Birthing Support, Belly Castings, Baby & Pediatric, Abdominal Massage, Thai, Shiatsu, Movement Re-Education, Therapeutic Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Holistic Health Consultations
Yoga ClassesKundalini Yoga, Gentle Community Yoga, Restorative Yoga


“There’s a culture at Centered of kindness, acceptance, and celebration of our unique self. The more we’re able to celebrate our own gifts the more we’re able to inspire others to allow their gifts to be seen. As we lift ourselves up, we are lifting each other up. We are all a work in progress: when we know better, we do better.” –Lauren


Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Yoga Teacher
Trauma Informed Yoga 
Birth Doula
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Dancing for Birth instructor
Advanced Prenatal and Postpartum Therapist
Body Recall
Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy
Mental Health First Aid

Private Therapy Rates
60 min: $85

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We welcome all members of our community at Centered. If finances are a limiting factor for you, please ask about scholarships and sliding scale opportunities, as we are often able to work with clients and students to find a way to make our classes financially accessible. Scholarship spaces are limited; please ask about availability if you are in need.