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Our instructors are highly trained and have many years of experience in a variety of yogic styles. Our classes focus on breath, mindfulness, safety, strength, flexibility, and balance. We believe yoga is for every body and our classes are accessible for anyone from beginners to advanced practitioners who appreciate a challenging experience.  We also offer classes appropriate for those seeking therapeutic benefits or those with special needs.

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Each of our therapists are highly trained and experienced practitioners who have developed and utilize their own unique style to best suit the clients’ needs so cost and treatments may vary.  Traditionally Swedish massage is done on a table with a drape and oil. We do offer this modality and, because we have so many advanced practitioners who have more advanced trainings in a variety of modalities, we have other bodywork options for you to receive your treatment on a mat on the floor, in a massage chair, or in a private room on a table.

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Offering yoga and wellness supplies, books, gifts, hand-crafted jewelry, CBD and essential oils, packaged organic healthy snacks, Kentucky Kombucha, and a small selection of clothing. All of our items have been consciously chosen and we seek out Kentucky Proud products whenever possible. The boutique is located within our community space, which also offers comfy seating and free wifi for those looking to relax for a bit.

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Inspiring, Educating, and Supporting Our World

The Balance of Life

Guest post by Kinga Mnich.  What is it that attracts you when you walk through a new city or when you look at art? What is it that you look at when buying new furniture? Is it just the style of the piece or how it will balance out the rest of your furniture in your...

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September Clean Eating Challenge!

There’s all this hullabaloo around the end of December for joining a gym, resetting your eating habits, and in general becoming New-and-Improved-You™ but I’ve never had much luck with that. In the winter I want to sit around in my pjs and eat comfort food with my...

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Let’s Do a Clean Eating Challenge!

Summer! A joyful season full of sun and play and delight! This season’s been one of full of fabulous challenges, growth in my career, and life-changing travels, with lots of laughter and love and excitement scattered around...and I’m feeling the first creep of...

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"Coming to Centered is like my retreat for the day."

-Sarah W.

"Thank you for the miraculously invigorating gift of rebirth with your help and love."


"I don't know if we would have made it as gracefully through these past several months without you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."


"It is so wonderful to know business leaders who make it a practice to put community at the front and center of how they operate."

-Chris P.

"What a joy it is to be part of the Centered team and family."

-Dr. Amy Coleman

Since 2013

Centered provides a physical space to bring community together. It is our mission to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western approaches to health and wellness in a cooperative and collaborative atmosphere. Walk in any time to take advantage of our community space, take a class in our light-filled studio, take a book from our library into the infrared sauna, or browse our retail area. If you are new to Centered, please know that we welcome you as you are and where you are in your journey.

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We welcome all members of our community at Centered. If finances are a limiting factor for you, please ask about scholarships and sliding scale opportunities, as we are often able to work with clients and students to find a way to make our classes financially accessible. Scholarship spaces are limited; please ask about availability if you are in need.