Hemp & CBD

We have a variety of Hemp and CBD products for sale in our store. We first look at selling the highest quality CBD products that we can, and then we also try our best to locally source all of our products. Most of our CBD is locally sourced and researched.

We carry Hemp, CBD, and Delta 9 products available in different varieties of capsules, proteins, gummies, oils, topical creams and salves, and chocolate

Here are a list of terms you may see if you are looking at the products we carry in our store:

What is Hemp Oil? Obtained by cold pressing hemp seeds, can improve skin and lower blood pressure, containing 3 fatty linoleic acidalpha-linolenic acid, and gamma-linolenic acid.(can be used topically and ingested)

Isolated CBD? (Cannabidiol) derived from the hemp plant without THC or psychoactive effects

(Full Spectrum) may contain traces of THC, can improve sleep and pain relief

CBDA? (cannabidiolic acid) the cannabinoid precursor to CBD. When a cannabis plant is cut, dried, and heated, CBDa converts into CBD. Contains potential for anti-viral, cancer and inflammatory

CBG? Cannabigerol antimicrobial agent found in cannabis and hemp

Delta 9? Derived for Cannabis plant, contains less than %.3 THC ranging in potency with a multitude of health benefits. *start with small amount

Terpenes? Chemical compound responsible for aroma, flavor and sometimes color

Here are some of the brands that we currently carry:

(Overcome) Naturia – *Locally Sourced*  CBD capsules and edibles are clinically proven to absorb more than other CBD oils, cosmetics and beverages

Ancient Aromas – Local Brand, Pet Products

Kentucky Hemp Works – *Locally Sourced*, offers Isolated CBD and Hemp via proteins/fibers      

Our clients tell us that they buy CBD, because it helps them with:


 -Formulated with Naturia, Hemp Mellow Dreams 25mg Full Spectrum + a mellow micro dose of CBN induces rejuvenating sleep, and helps you stay asleep and awaken without feeling groggy


-Organic Overcome + active relief powered by Naturia 20mg formulated with CBDA combats mental and physical stress, improving flexibility and recovery time to keep you ready

-Access D’Nined 100mg Delta 8 and 9 chocolate bars are fun. Relax, unwind, destress, and reset your physical and mental


-Kentucky Hempworks hemp hearts are a great option to obtain protein while avoiding inflammation. Plus pet friendly so enjoy the powder with your pal

-Kentucky Hemp Works Isolated used topically can reduce skin inflammation and acne

Joint and muscle pain

-Anavi 20 mg gummies, no earthy flavor, nerve pain, non drowsy

-Ancient Aromas full spectrum 300mg body butter offers relief to joint pain, formulated with hemp seed and lavender oil its great skin inflammation/irritation

-Ancient Aromas chill canna roller is great to target achy, pinching joint or muscle pain, with menthol to stimulate blood flow providing added relief


-Overcome+Energy boost nutrient absorption and fuels focus

-Hemp seed oil is perfect for diluting essential oils. Peppermint blend for focus


-Anavi Sparkling Lemonade gummies (20mg) are a great at relieving anxiety, and boost mood with citrus flavor

-Kentucky Hemp works full spectrum CBD oil dropped under the tongue can soothe daily anxiety. Our teams “Go to medicine”

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