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Birth Education sessions are with Lauren Higdon.
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About our birth support

Prepare For Birthing
2 hours (multiple sessions encouraged). Individual or with birthing partner. Sessions may include help in crafting a birth plan, practicing comfort measures, breathing techniques, finding a doula, massage, customized yoga for birth, help clearing past trauma for birth. If this is a partner session, Lauren can also help with healthy sexual experiences during pregnancy and postpartum, birth partner skills and tools to feel more prepared and informed for how to help during the birth.

Postpartum and Baby Care
1 to 2 hours. Safe and healthy exercises to regain pelvic floor and core integration, cesarean recovery massage, craniosacral, help processing a traumatic  birth, learn to massage your newborn, customized yoga for healing, and massage and wellness techniques for the family.

Reclaiming Intimacy with Ourselves and Partner
1 to 2 hours. Partners welcome. Delve into touch history and intimate connections, learn to give and receive feedback, and practice massage techniques, eye-gazing, and partner yoga.

Postpartum Group [ON HOLD DUE TO COVID]

Community for Birth Parents with Babies
Attending this group will give birth parents a time and safe place to feel supported and be in community during their postpartum time journeys. Those who join will be in attendance to each other and to themselves as we exchange ways to care for our own bodies, our emotions, our babies, and our partnerships. Babies of all ages and stages are welcome. Come with or without your baby/babies and don’t fret if you arrive late. Donations will be gratefully received for generous use of the space.

Following the birth of her first baby, Sarah Wylie VanMeter understood the need for more conversations around the postpartum time. During her third pregnancy she began to feel called toward providing care for birth parents and their partners. She believes that postpartum, defined as ‘following birth’, is a time that every birth parent and partner experiences, though it varies widely from person to person, birth to birth, and lasts as long as the parent feels it does. Sarah Wylie hopes to connect birth parents to each other, to resources in books and online, and to the number of respected professionals in Lexington who can support them, many of whom are affiliated with Centered.

Local Resources for Breastfeeding and Lactating Women:  

Milk Bank of Lexington

Centered is thankful to be Lexington’s drop off site for human breast milk.  We receive donated milk during regular business hours from mothers who are registered donors through the Milk Bank.  For more information, call Centered or visit the Milk Bank website.

La Leche of the Bluegrass

Centered hosts La Leche League’s free meetings once a month in our studio space. Feel free to bring your babies, toddlers and questions for this breastfeeding support time.

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We welcome all members of our community at Centered. If finances are a limiting factor for you, please ask about scholarships and sliding scale opportunities, as we are often able to work with clients and students to find a way to make our classes financially accessible. Scholarship spaces are limited; please ask about availability if you are in need.