Happy Holidays from the Centered team right here in Lexington, Kentucky!

What’s happening this holiday season? Well… donation-based hot tea — including chaga, gynostemma and more — and occasional hot cocoa throughout the holidays.

About Siberian Chaga
Traditional Siberian Chaga contains vitamins, flavonoids & is used to cleanse, disinfect and also to ease stomach upset. Give it a try for yourself throughout the holiday season.

About Gynostemma Tea
Gynostemma tea (jiaogulan) is made from a traditional Chinese plant with adaptogenic properties. This means it aids in restoration of homeostasis in all 5 body systems. In other words, this tasty tea is medicine!

Come in and warm up with us…

And learn more about food as medicine!

PS — While you’re here, feel free grab some paper and make a recycled paper snowflake to hang from our new tree…