The following is a guest blog post by Centered team member, Maryliana Wickus. Maryliana teaches Awakening Breathwork and Breathwork Yoga here at Centered, and is available for private sessions as well. We hope you enjoy her gentle self care tips that you can incorporate into each day to enrich your lives, one day at a time…

Take some time for yourself everyday.
Start with at least 15 minutes
Take a Hot Salt bath every week. You could enjoy your baths with your partner, friend, or children.
When you’re eating a meal or snack be sure to take the time to sit down, enjoy, and thoroughly chew your food.
Go to a park, take off your shoes and quietly feel your hug with a tree for 10 minutes.
Practice some physical activity that you enjoy such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido, Dance, Hiking, Walking, or Running at least twice a week.
Be kind, loving, patient, and smile with yourself and others as much as possible.
Take a walk by yourself or with your partner everyday.
Look up at the stars in the sky by yourself or in the company of others.
Sleep naked at night and feel your skin or that of your partners.
Make love with your partner in different places and times.
Share a massage with your partner or friend once a week.
Treat yourself to something that will benefit you personally, like a Workshop at Centered or similar.
Invest your money in your own personal growth: a good book, massage, workshop, training, etc. is great for continuing personal development and progress.
Get help with household chores to help relieve stress.
Be creative and surprise him/her with a gift. For example: A blind massage.
Don’t criticize yourself or others. It drains your energy.
Don’t watch T.V. It is counterproductive.
Increase your communication by having dinner with family or by yourself without using phones or watching T.V.
Decorate your dinner table with flowers and candles for meals to celebrate life and beauty with your family.
Contemplate or walk in nature everyday.
Practice active Listening.
Give thanks everyday for what you have. Gratitude is a very powerful quality that helps maintain a positive attitude.
Practice or engage in your hobbies once a week.
Dance freely as much as possible.
Unclutter your closet and donate unused clothes to a charity or community in need.

With Love,
Maryliana Wickus