1. Move often throughout your day – even if it’s only a wiggle in your chair.

Connective tissue or fascia in your body begins to solidify every 90 seconds. Moving frequently encourages circulation and comfort in your body.


  1. Drink a lot of water – coffee, soda and tea don’t count!

Dehydration causes confusion, achy joints, headaches, inner tension and slowed motor skills just to name a few.  To calculate the ounces of water you need each day, divide your body weight in half – that’s it!  Coffee, tea (even green tea) and other caffeinated drinks will actually add to dehydration as they act as a diuretic.


  1. Take full, deep breaths during stressful moments.

Breath in your nose and out of your mouth slowly, allowing your exhalation to last longer than your inhalation.  This rush of oxygen to your brain is calming and stimulates relaxing hormones.


  1. If possible, eat smaller snacks more frequently throughout the day instead of one big lunch.

Smaller quantities of food allow your body to remain more stable maintaining a constant temperature, not pulling blood supply from your extremities and brain.  It also increases your metabolism!


  1. stretch your body out when it calls for it.

Slow stretches increase circulation, relax tense muscles and free up joints.


  1. Be mindful of posture at your desk, in the car, on the phone or at the copier.

Remembering to check your posture regularly is priceless.  Try a stool, lumbar or neck support.  Do a self scan and adjust your body accordingly.


  1. Give your eyes a break.

Eye strain can cause headaches, muscle tension and many other ailments.  Make sure youre monitor is positioned properly.  Look away from the screen for a few minutes, rub your hands together and softly cover yours eyes.


  1. Smile and laugh whenever you can.

Laughing and smiling release our “happy hormones”.


  1. Exercise regularly outside of work

Maintaining your body and health will help you to get through a stressful work week with less stress, tension or pain.


  1. Get Massaged!

20 Minutes or less increases alertness and circulation, decreases stress and tension.  An hour massage outside of work is great health maintenance!