Looking at the pattern in the trees against starkness of sunset, I find myself thinking about the fact that the Broadleaf trees are all barren. All of our oxygen that we’re getting is coming from the needles of the Pines not the deciduous trees. The reasons we’re slowing down at this transitional time is because of the fact that we don’t have as much oxygen on top of the cooler temperatures. We literally don’t have the extra protection and it’s tiring us as yogis we spend so much time and energy focusing on the slow breath, on that subtle movement, and there is this decreased availability of oxygen. This is a harder medium for us to move in or perhaps we as yogis are simply more in tune with it because our breath is our daily medicine.

Are we more aware of the seasons and our own need for slowing down?
Are we more in tuned with the biorhythms of our bodies and the biofeedback that nature provides?
Is the shape of our lungs more in line with the shapes of nature, of the trees? And if so, wouldn’t we be shaped with the tree of our season of birth? I think of those who, like myself, were born in the cold of winter. Does that then transfer into the shapes of our internal body structure? Do we as humans take after the trees?