Hey Lexington! Looking to kick off this Spring with a healthy seasonal detox? We got you! Centered has partnered with our friends at The Weekly Juicery now through March 20th to offer a mutual 20% OFF SALE when you purchase a juice cleanse along with any of our NEW far infrared sauna packages. All of Centered’s sauna packages include FREE aromatherapy of your choice during your visit (we even have a special “detox” essential oil blend). You can also bring a guest at no extra charge, so you can split the cost with a loved one.

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Benefits of Centered’s Far Infrared Sauna

Studies show that even a few minutes in the sauna boosts the immune system, improves lymph drainage, releases toxins, benefits the nervous system and cardiovascular system, and helps us feel better by relieving colds, allergies, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), anxiety, depression and more! Our sauna room includes a halotherapy salt lamp and all sauna sessions include FREE aromatherapy of your choice. We have a variety of high quality essential oils to treat just about any physical, mental or emotional health condition, and we even offer a “detox” essential oil blend to boost the detoxification process in your body.

Unlike steam saunas you’ll encounter at local gyms, Centered’s far infrared sauna is a dry heat that penetrates three inches below the surface of the skin to heat the body from the inside out. You’ll be by yourself (or with a loved one) with the door locked. You can dress down to your comfort level without worrying about any strangers walking in on you, and we’ve included a halotherapy salt lamp and relaxing meditation music, along with plenty of health and fitness books and magazines for your reading pleasure.

Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

A 3-day cleanse of cold pressed juice is rich in nutrients and loaded with antioxidants. Occasional juicing will give your digestive system a break and allow natural healing to occur. In addition, juice cleanses help your gut flora, reduce cellular damage, increase blood flow, and help you to lose weight and feel better! Combine a juice cleanse with our far infrared sauna to detox, shed pounds and get healthy — either by yourself or with a loved one. All 3-day juice cleanses from The Weekly Juicery are discounted 20% OFF when you bring your Centered infrared sauna receipt, and your cleanse includes FREE coaching from a juice coach.

Purchase your infrared package online and then head over to the Weekly Juicery to get started!