One year ago we were all told to stay home. Businesses, schools, and public transportation closed down. Stillness and an eerie quiet blanketed our town. It was a time of chaos, confusion, denial, and fear. We were in survival mode.

So, we stocked up on groceries (if we had the means to do so). We called our loved ones, checked the bank account and held on tight. We weren’t sure what was to come and now we have the hindsight to see that we were entering a time of relative darkness and transformation.

We know from history that times like these can breed new invention, fresh perspective, and an embracing of what matters most to carry forward. We have all been tested and hopefully our eyes and hearts opened to the pricelessness of freedom, prosperity, and human life.

Centered had its moments of questioning whether we could go on. We weighed the options and dug deep. Ultimately, as a team, we found the fortitude to carry on as our collective mission feels more relevant and crucial now than ever. WE LOVE THIS COMMUNITY and are devoted to continuing to practice and share holistic health care for ALL.

And so, we find ourselves in a phase of Re-birthing; as we move through this canal, things can be tight, messy, and feel like an uncomfortable squeeze. And yet, here we are, in awe of our new surroundings and possibilities for growth in the many years to come!

We’ve been brainstorming, planning, cooperating, surrendering, and EVOLVING over here! Our internal evolutions have helped us persist and grow through this year of challenges, and even our space has evolved to hold the new shape of our practices and lives.

The secret we are ready to share with you is (drum rolls please): 700 square feet of Centered’s home has been happily partitioned to share with a budding new business, the Lexington Salt Cave!

Centered and the Lexington Salt Cave are grateful “sister spaces” with complementary services, values and experiences.

Here are a few words from Lara about the new space and what to expect!

“The Lexington Salt Cave is a soulful, magical space for clients to relax and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, as well as to commune with like-minded others in various practices, wellness classes, workshops and seminars. Surrounded by the soft pink glow of natural Himalayan salt, twinkling stars above, and dry salty mist in the air, the setting is truly peaceful and restorative. There are many health benefits to Halotherapy (dry salt therapy), such as improvement in symptoms of many respiratory and skin ailments. The salt produces negative ions which are absorbed by the body and thought to counteract oxidative stress from everyday life, enhance mood and improve sleep. Can’t get to the beach? It has been said that spending 45 minutes in the Salt Cave is like a week on the shore!”

The Lexington Salt Cave is owned by Lara Levine, a registered yoga teacher, trauma informed instructor, and certified Halotherapist.
For more info visit or call 859-396-2349.

We are beyond excited to share that we will be offering many collaborative packages including Salt and Sauna and Massage in the Cave! The Salt Cave is hopeful to be open early Spring!

We are also thrilled to announce that our front space will soon re-open for walk-in business rather than appointment only. This will allow for more opportunities to shop our retail, schedule a sauna session, grab a kombucha or just say hello!

We anticipate new regular hours
beginning the first of April:

Monday – closed
Tuesday to Friday – 10am-6pm
Saturday – 12pm-4pm


Things feel different in the space so here’s a little mental journey so you’ll know what to expect when you return!

As you see in the picture up top, Joshua and I are holding our old logo that I carefully folded into itself as it’s the flower of life returning to seed, representative of this new time of growth!

Our new front door and check in desk is located on the old cafe side. We will take your temperature here when you arrive in your mask. The Salt Cave entrance is on the opposite side and our old studio door leads into the new cave space.

Our new door to the studio and shoe cubbies are located across from the restrooms. Once you enter the studio you’ll see that we still have a very comfy and spacious two-thirds of our original studio space with the remaining 300sq ft dedicated to the salt cave! As always, on nice days we will open the overhead door in the studio for classes and community events and all will be welcome to enter through the courtyard.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to our updated new space!

xoxo, Lauren