In December 2014, the Centered team gathered in the studio for a beautiful day of holiday celebrations, sharing gifts, welcoming new members to the team, forming intentions and affirmations, and giving thanks. Each team member wrote down an intention or affirmation in his or her own words, sharing how they would like to contribute to our community center for healing. We sat together in circle and read each intention out loud, expanding on its meaning and its energy with the rest of the group. At the end of the beautiful and emotional day, we ceremoniously added each one to the center of the circle and sent our intentions into the magic of the universe.

We combined the words and intentions of our team members into Our Manifesto, which we are now sharing with you — our friends, our family, our clients, and our community. The Centered Manifesto was not written by one person, but by a collective of many people who share a similar vision for our community. These words were not written just by the owner but by all of our employees and interns who were present on that day. We feel this is a truly heartfelt manifesto of who we are and what we would like to bring to the community through this sacred healing space. Let’s keep this as our intention and send it to the universe so that it may happen.


The Centered Team


Centered Manifesto