No lie, there have been days where I’ve found myself curled up in a ball behind the counter shaking and crying..asking myself, “Why oh why did I do this?!”..meaning, open a business as a then single mother with no backing (sounds pretty nuts even now!). Well luckily, those days have come fewer and farther between.  We have a growing team of gifted therapists, instructors, artists and musicians and it’s all fitting together so nicely.

So, why did we open Centered?  Because we believe in change.  We are committed to sharing our passions in order to help others find theirs and support them through the inevitable transitions that bring us back into balance, time and time again.    It’s all about riding the waves.  I know I will have some sobbing behind the desk days and some jump for joy like a five year old days and it’s all part of the process.

We are 4 days from our year mark of opening Centered and I feel such tremendous support, inspiration and freedom with my work. Today, I find myself dancing around the community space to Beats Antique with a client/friend’s precious daughter (with our hip scarves on!) while setting up deliciously smelling locally made products and smiling.  Oh my, Centered is a lovely place and I get to work here! I work here every day. I’m committed to this place and it feels so good. I see the change in people after they have spent some time here and it makes all of those crazy days so worth it. I’m blessed and I want to say thank you from my big open heart!

photo 2