Greetings, Centered family…

My name is Joseph Foright. I’m excited for the opportunity to introduce myself to the community and share about the offerings I am bringing to Centered.

I teach a functional, movement-based training program. It can stand alone as a workout system, or it can supplement your existing routine or hobbies. It’s a perfect complement to your yoga practice, for runners and hikers, or anyone physically active. It will drastically improve functionality and performance. My hope is to provide more tools for your toolbox, so you can implement these methods on your own.

My system is designed to revealing potential weaknesses and movement dysfunction, while eliminating chronic aches and pain. I have jokingly described the workout as shadow work for the physical body.

The most common cause of injury is when a muscle imbalance or asymmetry exist – in other words, when a muscle is not in proper proportion to another. Further, when our joints do not have appropriate mobility and stability, we develop poor posture and dysfunctional movement patterns. This creates stress which leads to aches and pain. My sessions reveal and correct these issues.

It is a total body approach that, along with establishing precise movement patterns, focuses on developing pillar strength. When successfully accomplished, we reinforce correct posture, and energy flows easily and naturally throughout the body. We get more from our workouts, experience increased levels of energy, recover more quickly, and eliminate nagging aches and pains.

I am so passionate about this program because of the benefits I have witnessed, not only with clients, but in my own life. After a lifetime competing in sports, my body had shut down on me. I had endured a range of injuries including back surgery, an L4/L5 spinal fusion, before the age of 30. Thru developing my training program, I was able to heal my body and live a life free from the chronic aches and pain that plagued much of my adult life.

Previously, I worked for ten years as a soccer and performance coach for some of the most talented young athletes in Colorado. My passion was keeping them healthy. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in exercise science. I obtained Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) accreditation in 2014.

I served two summer strength and conditioning internships, the second of which was at the world renowned EXOS facility in Phoenix, AZ. I had the privilege learning from some of the best coaching minds in performance training and helped train professional and other elite athletes.

Integrating this knowledge with my passion to understand the mind-body connection (how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical bodies and the environment around us), and a growing understanding of energy medicine and the subtle body has really taken my program to new heights. It was crucial during my own healing process.

I enjoy serving others and have great passion for a holistic approach to well-being. I also enjoy writing about topics associated with psychology and spirituality. I am particularly invested in the study of perfectionism, win-lose orientation, and other theories of motivation.

I have enormous respect for the entire Centered team and could not be happier to join them. Please reach out with any questions you may have. You can email me at or call me at 619-916-8546.