There is certainly something in the air… I’m feeling it and have spoken with many others who also are feeling less grounded or lacking clarity this week. There’s lots of expectancy and shifting as we make this transition into spring. We are experiencing the ups and downs in temperatures, changes in the winds and light cycles, and even changes in planetary alignments.

With all of this going on… how do you find your center?

Our infrared sauna is particularly helpful for me as it boosts immune system function, decreases anxiety, releases old toxins and releases heavy metals from the body while supporting the nervous system. The sauna is available by walk-in or appointment until 7pm all week

I also recommend daily meditation. Short on time? Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, meditation will provide you with a greater sense of peace and focus. We have meditation class with Joshua every Monday evening at 5:30!

Remember, we are here to support each other through all of life’s changes.

We hope to see you soon.

Love and Light,

Lauren and the Centered Team