Last Updated 9/24/2021


  • We are able to ship orders over $30.00. Please visit our virtual Shop to see available products and online purchases. Please email us at for shipping needs.*
  • We are practicing social distancing, hand washing, and provide access to sanitation stations indoors and outside.
  • Alongside our ceiling fans and air purification system ventilating our space, we also have two large garage-style doors that lift to let in fresh air and natural light. These will be open whenever possible.
  • Milk Bank donations may be made during open hours. Please call during business hours or email anytime to arrange your donation.
  • It is recommended that all services, classes, and appointments to be prepaid in order to lessen interaction time at the desk and create greater ease for both client and staff.
  • We encourage the pre-purchasing of packages whenever possible (for infrared sauna sessions and classes) for ease and reduced time for check-in and out.
  • Everyone who enters the building must wear a mask and wash hands prior to their appointment, service or class time.
  • We are graciously accepting donations made to our PayPal account at in support of our team to further Centered’s mission to Inspire, Educate & Support our World through the Moving, Visual & Healing Arts.  
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  • As we are all being “put to the test” with our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being during these trying times, Centered is committed to being a place of safety and healing. We welcome you as you are.
  • Centered is a trauma informed establishment and in line with such, we continue to pledge to communicate clearly and ask permission prior to any kind of physical contact (when necessary for treatment) to practice and best ensure mutual safety, respect, understanding, and comfort.
  • Touch deprivation, fear of connection with others, and the need for intimacy are all very real factors in this pandemic. We are doing our best to work toward safe and helpful solutions to remain aware of and meet these needs for ourselves and community.
  • Centered and our practitioners uphold various standards of practice by and under Mental Health First Aid, Connected Warriors, American Massage Therapy Association, Yoga Alliance, and state licensing for LMT’s, LCSW, and acupuncture.
  • We welcome you to email us with any critical feedback you may have to help us better serve you and the public.


  • We will sanitize the sauna with a peroxide based cleaner before and after every session.
  • The high heat of the infrared sauna is an inhospitable environment for viruses so in addition to a sanitizing cleaner, we will bring the heat to 150 degrees between sessions.
  • It is required for you to bring your own towel and water bottle.
  • Please familiarize yourself with contraindications and what to expect during your session HERE.


Please keep in mind that in addition to our general protocols listed below, each therapists will be updating additional statements and responses on their individual bio pages so that clients are best informed of how to schedule, how to prepare for an appointment, payment options, and what to anticipate upon arrival. Our therapists are returning on their own time. Please contact them directly to inquire about scheduling your session. You may read about each of our therapists HERE

  • It is recommended that clients shower immediately prior to their appointment and arrive for their sessions in clean clothes.
  • Centered’s online waivers must be filled out prior to your first session – even for returning clients. Your therapist may have additional online paperwork for you to complete prior to your session.
  • You will be asked to wash your hands after the temperature check, before going back to the treatment room.
  • You will be asked to remove shoes to be placed outside the treatment room door.
  • Therapists must wash their hands before and after every treatment
  • All high touch surfaces will be wiped down and sanitized by the therapist before and after every client
  • As always, therapists will use clean and sanitized linens for every session.
  • Therapists and clients MUST wear a mask during EVERY treatment. The client’s mask may be removed while laying prone (face down) on the table. We will have extra masks if you should forget yours.
  • Therapists may wear gloves when working on or near the face.


  • Read HERE to learn more about Connie Milligan, LCSW & Transformational Life Coach and see her personal COVID response including updates regarding scheduling and her practice.


Community Acupuncture happens every Thursday during our market time 4-7PM, and follows COVID safety procedures of Centered (see above) and National Certification Commission of Acupuncture guidelines.
  • There will be maximum 4 person at a time in the open studio space.  All chairs and equipment are disinfected between each use.
  • The acupuncturist wears a N95 mask the entire time.
  • If you don’t feel well, we ask you to book a Zoom consultation with Cheng, where she’ll guide you with home remedies when appplicable.
  • See Cheng’s calendar for more offerings, details and registration.


  • Virtual Classes will continue and be streaming during some of the studio classes.
  • Our limit of 12 people per class provides approximately 175 square feet per student.
  • All students are encouraged to pre-register and pay for class using Wellness Living (no cash or check). We encourage you to download the app and are happy to assist you with the technical pieces. 
  • Alongside our ceiling fans and air purification system ventilating our space, we also have two large garage-style doors that lift to let in fresh air and natural light. These will be open whenever possible.
  • We will utilize outdoor space for classes as weather permits.
  • We will be disinfecting all high touch surfaces and mopping between EVERY class.
  • Wipes and sanitizer will be accessible for students.
  • Should you need props or leave yours at home, we have these for sale in our shop.
  • Our current policy with the use of masks is that students and teacher must wear a mask when entering the building and in the common areas. Once settled on your own mat, you may choose to remove your mask. We feel more comfortable making this decision as our studio is over 700 sq ft. and has a very large overhead door opening into the courtyard.

Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or comments. We are here for each other and are getting through this together. 

With Love and Respect,

The Centered Team