I feel really at home in the kitchen. I grew up with my grandmother cooking for up to 100 people in her own kitchen. I watched her prep for weeks and serve with white table cloths. She even had three freezers stocked full for the unexpected occasion when she might have a spontaneous dinner party.

I love cooking and absolutely love serving people but the truth is as a business owner, mother and therapist, I don’t always have the time to prepare the quality meals that I know myself and my children need to eat. The Centered café is an opportunity for us to become re-inspired about food and share this gift with the local community. I worked in restaurants for many years as a server, hostess and manager before getting into the wellness industry — and I loved the fast pace, the people, and the excitement; however, it wasn’t always the healthiest of environments.

The Centered Café is a whole different experience. This is a place that will feel somewhat like your grandmother’s kitchen where you can relax, chat with friends and family, and have some input into your food. We will certainly continue to carry local, fresh and mostly organic “grab and go” items for those times when you simply don’t have the time to cook a fresh and healthy meal.

We will also have workshops and nutritional talks for the opportunity to collaborate and educate here in the local community. I know a lot about food and food service and feel at home in the kitchen, but I don’t have a lot of time. I also know I’m not up-to-date on the most current research and recipes so we are gathering those who are. There are so many gifted people in this community who are currently studying and experimenting, and are ready to share all that they’ve learned about how to heal the body through food. Centered Café is a collaborative mission to share reasonably priced healthy foods and food knowledge with our community.

This place will evolve as we humans do. We like creativity and we like inspiration and we like change. If you have ideas for something that you want to share please let us know.