Wow… Lauren and I just spent the late day and early evening with a group of Tibetan monks from the Tashi Kyil Monastery. They came to Centered this evening to lead a meditation and yoga class and share compassion and Tibetan culture.

The class had close to 40 people breathing and enjoying an hour and 45 minute session with one another. The class was full of specific movements at the major joints with a focus on holding the breath at the bottom and top of the inhalation and exhalation. Thank you to all who came and shared in this experience with us.

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My heart opened up during one of the rest breaks in the practice as I realized that the ground we have been working on for the last years has sprouted such a bountiful peace. I remember being in awe of the monks working on the sand mandalas at UK in the 90’s, my wonder at these smiling men who came into Grateful Threads when my roommate Belinda was operating it, spending time with the monk we housed during their time in Lexington was a marker on my development and understanding of spirituality, and now they are there, chanting in a place I have helped create. Joy.
The outpouring of love, humility and joy from these nomadic men was a joy to experience as we were invited to come and stay as honored guests at the monastery.

We had pizza with them at Crust this eve and laughed and talked about their experiences here in the US, their experiences in India, the differences in traffic patterns, bathrooms, how they came to be monks, their passion for their community and their experiences in life and living. I hope to spend time with them again and look forward to taking them up on their offer to spend time in India.