motivational-inspirational-life-quote-be-the-light-mirror-pictureTune in to WRFL 88.1 tonight at 5pm as 3 of our team members, Joel Digirolamo, Lauren Higdon and Matthew Higdon plus Dr. John Patterson speak on alternatives for stress relief.

Our society is in such need of connection and a renewed sense of peace. How do we do that? Often times, people turn to drugs. There are so many healthier options to getting better and feeling better. The path of holistic or alternative care is certainly not always the fastest or easiest but it’s true and long lasting.

Try some yoga, massage, free dancing, meditation, eating more whole foods and see the change for yourself. Nature provides just what we need to move from survive to thrive – and it takes patience, perseverance and trust in your self to experience it. We need each other through this process. We need support, encouragement and wisdom sharing.

Tune in tonight to hear some realistic suggestions and honesty on how to get your life back on track. Love…