Computers… We all use them. Even if we try to limit our use of technology, it’s still become an almost unavoidable part of modern society. Unfortunately, computers are known for causing many modern health issues including migraine headaches, muscle tension, vision problems, and strain in the neck and eyes — to name a few. So how do we limit the negative side effects our computers can have on our body? Here are a few suggestions for this week’s wellness tip.

Position your screen so that it is directly in front of you with the horizon line meeting the top 2/3 of the screen. Adjust your leg positioning so that there is a right angle at your knees and hips, scoot yourself right up to your workspace and be sure your chair has lumbar support.

FACT: Our bodies need to move every 9 minutes…

Our bodies need to move every 9 minutes in order to keep the tissues hydrated and the fascial system open and comfy. Wiggle around and stretch your arms over your head, roll your head around in gentle circles taking your inhalation as your head goes back and exhale forward. Then, rub your hands together and cover your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Ahhh, better already!