Peaceful Response: Techniques                                         

  • Have Compassion
  • Be Mindful
  • Violence is not the answer: better communication and coping skills
    • When we are nice to each other = no bullying is happening = no need to defend ourselves using violence
    • Worldwide acceptance of violence = cycle keeps going
  • Guns are NOT the answer!
    • No guns for teachers
    • Full Automatic-Weapons of war being used for everyday violence
  • Get back to Community Sharing & Cooperation
  • Remembering and Honoring the value of BEING not just DOING
  • Proactive NOT Reactive

Mental Health Awareness in Schools

  • More laughter & “Brain Breaks”
  • Consistency in schools with more Movement and Mindfulness
  • Develop children’s skills to handle stress
    • More stress in newer generations
    • Stress Management Classes (Primary & Mandatory)- Teachers & Students
  • Avoidance & Fear of Communication
    • Need more trust between adults and students
  • Self-Confidence
  • Be real about expectations

Let the Children be Heard in Positive Way: Technology

  • Kids voices reach around the world with social media
    • Embrace & Use Positivity
  • Kids are taught NOT to talk about these things at school
    • Allow positive discussion that helps make a change
    • Must talk about it to take action
  • Use phones and social media as a TOOL for communication, not a dependency
  • Learn strategies for the appropriate use of technology
  • Focus on the Children—the strategies they need, the things they are thinking
    • LISTEN!
  • Focus on the POSITIVE
    • Make changes through positivity (base decisions on love, not fear)

Importance of Correct Emotional Release 

  • Strategies to handle & acknowledge grief
  • Emotions need to be honored and released in a beneficial way