Guest post by Kinga Mnich.

 What is it that attracts you when you walk through a new city or when you look at art? What is it that you look at when buying new furniture? Is it just the style of the piece or how it will balance out the rest of your furniture in your house? The same goes for clothes. You don’t just mix different patterns and colors with each other: you try to make your outfits match.

It is balance that we are actually looking at. The balance of patterns, forms, and design. Balance within the composition of details. Balance is indeed the key ingredient for our life. We find it in relationships, our daily life and in the art we choose to create or to place in our home.

Balance does not mean perfection–it means the right amount of different components. Just look at your life and picture a life that is balanced versus a life that is perfect. Perfection means the lack of any component that doesn’t fit, is not right, or has a negative connotation. A life that has no disturbances, or a life that is monotone, will eventually become boring. This is something that we forget when we ask for a perfect life.

A balanced life has it all: the good and the bad things in a perfect circle of experiences and emotions that balance one another. Just imagine a life that has no disturbances, no faults, nothing that triggers a reaction in you. At first sight, it might sound amazing, but imagine it clearly: there is nothing that you need to do, nothing that you need to fix. It might sound nice at first, but isn’t that absolutely boring – having nothing that you have to think about?

Life is all about everything and nothing. The pure balance of dark and light, happy and sad, male and female. This is what balance is; the spark of curiosity, the detail in the perfection, the perfection inside the mess, the experience of a full range of emotions. That is BALANCE.

Capturing this balance is what I call art – the art of our life.

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