Spring can bring a feeling of frenzy and chaos for some of us. It’s a time of waking up and working toward birthing the many projects and ideas we gathered over the winter. It’s important to recognize this sense of urgency, the continuous expansion and contraction, and learn to cultivate a willingness to receive the change, rather than fighting it. So, how do we stay grounded and focused while things are swirling all around us and inside of us?

Last week, Joshua and I took the boys to see family down south. We made our way to the ocean at sunset one evening and I sat at the edge of the surf watching the waves, noticing their crest as they peaked and the gentle retreat in between. I felt them with my eyes closed and allowed the pull to invite me further into the water. Florida waters are still a bit chilly in April but I embraced it and dove in. I pushed my head into a wave and felt the pressure and the resistance and finally the surrender and stillness. This is the cycle of birth and life and our breath. In and out, one at a time. It’s happening all the time.

I took this inspiration back to Community Yoga class yesterday and we worked through some breathing techniques to help us get more in touch with our own flow and movements. Yoga and conscious breathing are two of my greatest teachers, showing me myself, my movements and natural flow. When we are able to take time to observe and feel our breath, we grow stronger and more aware. We learn to anticipate the ups and downs and ins and outs. We are less likely to get tossed around or taken under by an unexpected current. We notice the gentle pauses and stillness and ride the waves with more grace.

This blessed time away spent with family (including Joshua, parents, grandparents, my ex-husband & children’s father, step family, and our 3 awesome and rowdy boys – oh my!) taught me a lot about going with the flow and being willing to move with the currents rather than resisting. This equated to more laughter, connections, ease, and love for all!

May this Spring be a time of powerful and gentle renewal for you. May you feel supported and loved as you birth your emerging dreams and intentions!