Mindfulness Meditation has been a part of my daily self care practice since 1995. I found myself immersed in the practice of self introspective meditation while a massage student in Virginia Beach, VA and knew from the first session that meditation was something important in my life. I moved to Lexington in 1996 and found myself surrounded by the beauty of the Red River Gorge one beautiful afternoon, as I sat breathing in the crystal clean and crisp air That day my breath adapted to the sensations of the trees moving ease fully in the breeze, my eyes let go and took in the clouds softly traversing the sky as my sense of smell deepened to the pungent earth of the loamy underlayment. My body began to relax deeper into the sensation of the soil underneath me felt as though it moved to accommodate my softening fascia while the worries of my days retreated to the nether reaches of my consciousnesses.
Peace in its truest meaning to me at that time in life encouraged me to return to my breath with more regularity. The sensations that resonated within me as I focused my attention and intention on simply being still, quiet and in ease with myself and my surroundings opened a place of inner joy that continues to be a place of strength when the world becomes a little more stressful than I would like it to be.

I’ve had the opportunity to share mindfulness based Meditation for Stress Management classes with the Fayetteville County Drug Court program, a men’s recovery and shelter organization, classes and workshops at Centered and hopefully with you.