“I’m such a small thing and I’m getting smaller by the day
yet I can block out the entire sun with my hand stretched towards the sky.

One small thing can block powerful, life-giving, natural brilliance.
Yet a tiny step to the left or shifting your eyes to the right 
can establish your direct connection to that Source of power.”
 — The Wandering Yogis

The tiny details and road bumps in life can cause us to miss the beautiful, the sacred and the Source energy that is all around us if we are not focused on the positive. How can you shift your perspective? How can you allow yourself to soften, even just a little more? How can you find new ways each day to open yourself to LOVE even just a little bit more than you did yesterday? 

Here at Centered these past couple weeks, we’ve started incorporating a Meditation Minute every hour. This concept was first introduced to Lauren and Josh during a trip to New York for a “Hope In Healthcare” Conference, and it was so abundantly healing that they felt inspired to bring it back home to Kentucky with them. Once per hour at Centered, you’ll hear the gentle chimes of our peaceful Meditation Minute song come over the speakers. Whenever this happens, no matter what we are in the middle of saying or doing, we all stop and pause together. We close our eyes, embrace the silence and go inward — collectively, together — for just one minute. After that brief pause, the simple yet powerful moment of stillness allows us to reset our minds and our hearts. Whatever we were stressed about before has softened a little. We feel refreshed, renewed, reconnected to each other, and even more joyful than we had been previously.

How will you take some time today to pause and listen to the infinite wisdom of your inner voice, your true self, your Source energy?