4:30 ­ 5:15pm , Intro to Lionflow / beginner

5:30 ­ 6:30pm , Flow One / intermediate

7 ­ 8:30pm , Flow Two / advanced

Prices Single class ­ $15, Two classes ­ $25, Three classes ­ $35

What is Lionflow Progressive Yoga ?

Lionflow Yoga exposes the raw natural art of yoga as a slow dance of postures that compliment each other , a slow non­violent kung­fu form , a therapeutic thorough self massage , and a fluid natural release of your true power & natural range of motion . This yoga style is a warm up for life , and will leave your body & mind ready to function at optimal capacity .

There are different class levels for students that follow the same core structure building in intensity from one class level to next . Much like the way martial art forms are set up , each progressing form elaborating on the fundamentals of the prior form . Differing from the martial arts on the other hand though , since whatever level of student you are you can take any of the classes just by following the one rule of class , don’t force anything . One of the missions of this yoga is to show anybody , no matter what their inabilities are , what they are really capable of , how to pair postures , build home yoga series , and how to get in & out of poses safely for continual progress .

Class Descriptions

Intro to Lionflow ­ 45 minutes ­ For all student levels , This class is a taste of the Lionflow Yoga . It is composed of the same core structure as the other classes , but was built with beginners to yoga in mind . The flow of class uses one pose to warm up for another , to help safely gain length & strength using grip , isolated flexion , compression , stretching , and relaxation . Thoughthis class was built for beginners it is a great thorough workout , and stretch out for all students , no matter your skill level .

Flow One ­ 60 minutes ­ Intermediate class . This class is geared toward learning how to safely take your practice deeper . Focusing on how to breathe to increase the heart rate & blood temperature for a better consious connection to your strength & flexibility . Qigong standing meditaions are used in the warm up to help you learn how meditate in postures , increasing the effectiveness of your focus & overall practice .

After raising the heart rate you learn how to breathe to lower it again , releasing the tension from the body , and finishing class feeling both relaxed , and energized . This class is great for progressing backbends , forward stretches , core strength , balance , stamina , and breath control . With focus on opening up the hips & shoulders you can begin to work more deeply on the spine in this class .

Flow Two ­ 75­90 minutes ­ Intermediate/advanced . This class is more challenging , but not outside your potential if you can practice without forcing anything . True power comes from setting your ego aside , and moving with intention . The same core structure remains in this class , and every series is intensified . The true meaning of progressive yoga becomes apparent ..

There is a short and long form of this class allowing room for your intensity to grow . This class will help you learn to move more efficiently to conserve your energy so that you will have it when you need it , but will also teach you to call up more energy in a moment than you ever thought yourself capable of . My mission in this class is to take you from burning energy to creating more .