Lauren Higdon Rotary Club South Carolina Centered Lexington KentuckyI greatly enjoyed the spontaneous talk with the Rotary Club of Okatie, South Carolina, while visiting with my father and Jane. I didn’t know what to expect other than Jane had shared with me how much she loves the group and how welcoming everyone would be. This certainly held true and I feel that in the short time we spent, I learned as much as I shared from such wise and dynamic individuals. As a therapist, yoga instructor and the owner and director of Centered, a holistic healing center in Lexington, Kentucky, I spoke on the importance of integrative health care, movement, meditation and positive thinking. I shared an exercise to activate the pineal gland to bring about desired change in our lives, a little yoga spinal twist to help digest our lunch as well as the overload of daily stimuli and some general relaxation techniques. I truly enjoyed our conversation about the needs of children these days and encouraging them to detach from electronics and re-connect to humans and their life purpose. There is such hope for the world and great change is possible when we openly, honestly and wholeheartedly work together. I see Rotary to be another shining example of this work. Thank you again to everyone at the Rotary Club of Okatie and please come visit Centered should you find yourself in Kentucky. In the meantime, I will seek out a local club and further these connections.