Don’t you love it when a friend lets you in a game-changer? You know, something new to buy, to try, or cook that is guaranteed to make you a superstar? I love getting the 411 on the best jeans, new workout, or vegan brownie to try. This week I’m sharing my all time favorite best kept detox secret.

The infrared sauna: it’s what detox dreams are made of. I’m embarrassed to admit that I go almost every day. Never heard of this best kept detox secret? Read on.

The infrared sauna is typically made of cedar wood and accommodates one or two people. I always go alone, however you could fit two people inside. Here’s the best thing…it works differently than a traditional sauna because it heats your core body temperature, not the air around you. The result is intense sweating without the stifling feeling of heat all around you. I can’t stand to breathe “hot” air around me so the infrared sauna is perfect!

Why visit an infrared sauna?

  • It’s a great way to remove toxins from the body.  The deep heat penetration removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body.
  • It’s the best thing ever for your skin.  Want radiant, glowing skin?  Make the infrared sauna part of your routine.  Intense sweating makes your skin come alive.   You’ll notice the difference immediately.
  • It’s a great way to relax…in a healthy way.  Everyone needs a little down time to re-charge.  Trade in the glass of wine or happy hour with a trip to the sauna.  You’ll feel re-charged full of energy
  • It supports your weight loss efforts.  A typical sauna session results in burning 300 to 600 calories depending on how long you stay.  Yes to that all day.

Tips for your infrared sauna visit:

  1. Make an appointment.  Expect to spend around 40 minutes total
  2. Take a huge water (or green juice)
  3. Wear your bathing suit, (or birthday suit).  Clothes would be way too hot!
  4. If you use essential oils, try eucalyptus or clary sage for your sauna visit.
  5. Enjoy a little slice of detox heaven!

Want to try it? Here are a few locations that offer infrared sauna visits:
Lexington:  Centered  859. 721.1841 
Louisville:  Blue Halo  502.690. 6029
Cincinnati:  Pure Life Studio   513.227.7277


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