Summer! A joyful season full of sun and play and delight! This season’s been one of full of fabulous challenges, growth in my career, and life-changing travels, with lots of laughter and love and excitement scattered around…and I’m feeling the first creep of burnout. Ouch. How about you?

One of my go-tos for dealing with overwhelm, fatigue, or stress is food. Unfortunately, I don’t always make healthy food choices, and last night as I sat on the couch eating my 4th piece of absolutely delicious mom-made rhubarb pie I felt a little tickle in my conscience. You see, I had pie instead of dinner. But rhubarb is a vegetable! Maybe technically, but all the refined sugar and pastry dough certainly isn’t.

This morning I had a hard time waking up. I felt sluggish and stupid. And then I put on a pair of jeans and, well, they weren’t as comfortable as were just a month ago. I usually lose a little weight over the summer so I had a moment of “huh?” before I realized what’s happening: pie. Pie is happening. And cake, and pastries, and bagels, and popsicles, and pizza, and… You get the picture.

Cake is delicious, but sadly does not make me feel good.

All day today I’ve been grumpy and even though my work responsibilities remain the same I’ve been fighting feelings of being overwhelmed. Everything suddenly too much! Well, that’s just silly. It’s NOT too much; I am capable of great things and of doing quite a lot–when I’m in good health. When my diet is good not only do my pants fit better, but my BRAIN works better, and my emotions are more balanced. Somehow I forget this, until pie-verwhelm happens.

Kinga (do you know Kinga yet? She teaches yoga Tuesday mornings at 7:00 and Wednesday evenings at 6:30) and I have been talking about doing a 30-day Clean Eating Challenge at Centered. We’re still working on the details, but this morning I finally felt myself emotionally commit to it. It’s time. I need the accountability and the support. The program is going to include accountability both online and in person, discounts at Centered, cooking tips, exercise options, lots of health information, and more!

Are you ready for 30 days of Clean Eating? Email with Clean Eating Challenge a the subject, and I’ll send you details when the program is ready!



(photos are free stock photos from Unsplash)