Lovely Lisa!

Lovely Lisa!

Happy autumn! I hope the season is feeling good for you so far.

We want to tell you about an Ayurvedic retreat that Lisa Miller is leading on October 18 &19, in Lexington at Centered.

If you need Yoga Continuing Ed credits, this will provide you with 12 hours.
Either way, join us!

For the last 15 years, Lisa has been drawn to wisdom teachings from various traditions and cultures, but it’s been the natural medicine of Ayurveda that has provided her the most comprehenisve recipe for physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

It’s an amazing system and yet, it’s a way of coming home to ourselves.

Ayurvedic health is about learning our personal doshic* needs, but also about living in harmony with the natural world and with the rhythms of life all around ourselves. Afterall, we ARE the harmony.

Made of the very same life force that migrates birds, blooms flowers, and rotates the planets, we humans are infinately more powerful and beautifully orchestrated than we typically realize.

The human body and mind know how to heal–we are walking, talking, thinking, existing, connected miracles. And Ayurveda provides us with specific personal remedies for balance when we find ourselves feeling a little off, or a lot “off”.

Delve into your doshic needs and the matching life-remedies at this sweet retreat.

Like all of the retreats Lisa leads, this one will be full of replenishing asana, meditation and chanting. You. Will. Feel. Great!

The tuition deadline of $150 is due October 8th.

Register at

**Lisa always offers a sliding-fee to participants whose finances would prevent their attendance. Please get in touch with Lisa directly by responding to this e-mail
if you’d like to arrange this option.

For more retreat details, see the attachment here and pass it on.

My best to you and with a hug,
*By “dosha”, Lisa is referring to the mind and body constitution that each of us are born with.