We are so excited to announce our new Tai Chi classes right here at Centered in Lexington, KY. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art composed primarily of slow meditative physical movements designed for application, relaxation, balance, physical and mental health. Tai Chi is considered a soft martial art and we’ve received a lot of requests for Tai Chi classes at Centered. Tai Chi is beneficial to the human body in many ways. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, increase bone density and lower blood pressure within its practitioners.

Let’s all give a warm welcome to David Arnold and Sonya Blaydes, who will be teaching our Tai Chi classes every Wednesday at 4:45pm and Fridays at 9:30am. Learn more about the new Tai Chi classes at Centered.

About David Arnold

Tai Chi classes at Centered in LexingtonTai Chi classes at Centered in LexingtonDavid Arnold began studying T’ai-chi Ch’uan in 1983 in Santa Barbara, California. David studied under the tutelage of Sifu Gerry Marr, a 35-year student of Master Fong Ha’s, Integral Chuan Institute in Berkeley and who quickly became David’s lifelong friend. On several different occasions David studied with Fong Ha and was instrumental in bringing him to Lexington for workshops at the Lexington Wellness Center in the 1990′s. These teachers are part of a T’ai Chi lineage, descending directly from the Yang family in the early 1800′s. David’s classes also include various Chi Kung disciplines, such as I Ch’uan (Standing Meditation), Walking Meditation and Chi Ruler, that serve to accelerate the learning curve and benefits realized through the practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, by placing greater focus on the essence of movement and the flow of life energy in the body. David has studied nutrition and health for the promotion of longevity, for over 3 decades and practices as well as teaches, a set of vitality promoting exercises he titles, “Drinking From The Fountain Of Youth.” He is also a practitioner of Chinese Tui Na massage which clears chronic blockages from past injuries, and releases the free flow of healthy, life extending and body nourishing chi.

T’ai chi (Tai Chi) provides meditation, self-defense, improved control of balance and much more. The slow controlled movements cause the red slow twitch muscle fibers to build more mitochondria, the energy factories of the cell, increasing metabolism and endurance.