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January 23, 2016
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January 23, 2016
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Fight or Flight


In April 2015, Centered team members Lauren Higdon, Joshua Saxton and Dr. Amy Coleman attended a holistic health conference in New York. Here is a video of Dr. Amy Coleman giving a presentation along with Peggy Huddleston and Robin Carnes. Dr. Amy discusses how integrative approaches to medicine has made it into even the most rigid of old regime systems; namely, Ivy league University/Hospital systems, the military, and Veteran’s Hospitals. She discusses the body’s intuitive system for surmounting defense against a threat, and how this can rob the body over time in gaining true homeostasis. This video was filmed at the “Three Women Transforming Medicine” Symposium at the Impact Hub in New York City (April 2015).

Fight or Flight from Wellsmart on Vimeo.



Brittany Thompson
Brittany Thompson
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