Subtle Power Yoga Teacher Training — Fall 2015

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Subtle Power Yoga Teacher Training — Fall 2015

So you want to be a yoga teacher? We still have seven (7) spots available for our upcoming Subtle Power Yoga Teacher Training (6 months) with expert yoga instructor, Matthew Higdon.

Early enrollment: June
Program begins: August

Subtle Power Yoga Teacher Training 2015 Course Highlights

Asana- the poise of awakening

~ cultural poses, sequencing and transitioning inspired by the 5 elements for development of meditation and modern approaches fitness acumen

Pranayama- the conscious control of vital currents

~ breath exercises and techniques for gross & subtle strength, balance, openness and clarity of mental state

Bandha- connective and muscular lines of support to breath and inner body

~ postural cueing to align the body in any pose and especially neutral spine

Neuroscience- tying together the relevant anatomy, physiology, and psychology as it pertains to the physical and philosophical practice of yoga

~ techniques and concepts to rewrite and rewire habits and entrenched patterns to inform personal inquiry and teaching practice

Yoga Cosmology- Elements, Koshas, Gunas, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, etc

~ dialogue, readings and essay assignments for deeper understanding of foundations and open room for further study

Interview and Application Process

Dedicated students with a desire to share the practice of yoga and deepen the personal inquiry are invited to interview with Matthew Higdon. Submit queries to for detailed information about the training.



Lauren Higdon
Lauren Higdon
Lauren Higdon (LMT, CYT, Birth Doula) is the Owner & Director of Centered in Lexington, KY. Her intention is to create a safe, healthy and exploratory environment for all, so that everyone may experience greater freedom to grow and find peace through all of life’s transitions. Learn more about Lauren here: