Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy which can assist the body during the healing process, help maintain balance and promote optimal wellness. Aromatherapy can help relieve stress, anxiety, sleep issues, inflammation, aches and pains and much more.   Oils may be diffused in the air, used topically with your favorite carrier oil or lotion, as a replacement for perfume and even aid in house cleaning!

We carry Young Living Essential Oils as many of our therapists have been using these oils in their practices for many years. We offer fun and educational events to learn more and explore the variety and proper usage of aromatherapy. Essential oils may be added to many of our massage therapy sessions–just ask your therapist–and are complementary during your infrared sauna session.

Check out the calendar for upcoming aromatherapy workshops!  





Doors will be locked except for scheduled classes or one on one therapies.

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We welcome all members of our community at Centered. If finances are a limiting factor for you, please ask about scholarships and sliding scale opportunities, as we are often able to work with clients and students to find a way to make our classes financially accessible. Scholarship spaces are limited; please ask about availability if you are in need.