Cheng Liu

Paikea Cheng L.Ac.


Thai Massage

Regenerative Medicine

Computer engineer turned acupuncturist, Paikea is a radical modern healer. She practices “root cause medicine” using the latest tools in Regenerative medicine, lab tests, peptides, cellular/mitochondria anti-aging, genomics, biohacking, and stays up to date with her knowledge. More importantly, Paikea is a good listener.  Having healed herself from many ailments (Lyme, candida, mold toxin and heavy metal, childhood and ancestral trauma), Paikea listens to each individual compassionately.  She then offers practical and affordable medicine. Whether acupuncture, Thai bodywork, Peptides or selective supplementation, the protocols will be personal and efficacious for Where you are, and where you want to go.   It’s Paikea’s passion to empower people to heal quickly, and stay in homeostasis.

Her specialty is Gut health, chronic pain, inflammation, Anxiety, autoimmune such as allergy, Hashimoto/Hypothyroid; neurodegenerative conditions, mercury and mold toxicity, Lyme, Long Covid, longevity/Anti aging, and optimizing performance.
Paikea offers acupuncture and Thai bodywork in person, and Regenerative Medicine consultation anywhere over zoom.   She also teaches wild foods and constantly learning and healing with the Earthskills community, check out all her upcoming events at


Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure No. AC140
Genomics Precision Medicine Fellowship  Wild Health
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, U of New Mexico
Master of Oriental Medicine, Academy for Five Element Acupuncture
Thai Massage certificate, Old Medicine Hospital, ChiangMai, Thailand




Door will be locked except for scheduled classes

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