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Jacob Castle

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What are some goals for your mind and body? Do you experience pain? Would you like to have increased flexibility and awareness to your range of motion?
Are you looking to decrease stress and tension from the habits of daily life? Well, Massage can help you manage all of these!

Quite simply, massage therapy is beneficial for us because of the depth of passive movement allowed within a relaxed body. This can offer the best healing and
restoration opportunity for the body. To be calm and relaxed but still have movement, increases the availability for oxygen and blood flow to all areas of the
body. Including the brain, organs and those pesky knots that we feel in the muscles! Ultimately flushing the body with fresh blood and oxygen!
I like to compare massage to a yoga session but without having to move yourself into positioning. Breath, movement and more breath! With a vibe of calm
and a deep sense of movement…. Like a wave on top of an ocean. Calm and settled at the bottom with a surface varying. Massage goes hand in hand with self
care and body maintenance/recovery.


Mixed Modalities

I use several types of techniques from several massage modalities from around the world. Each session is customized to you. Modalities Include Deep Tissue,
Shiatsu, Tui na, Neuromuscular therapy, myofascia release, lymph drainage, Swedish and other techniques that will be implemented to give you the best
treatment necessary based on your body and expressed input.

Massage has personally changed my life. Since 2014 I have been on a journey to end back pain and increase my mind-body awareness! I have been able to
achieve some of those goals and I intend to continue to learn! It takes a village to raise a child and we are all children. Let us Help each other!
Thank you for being here and Thank you for what you do!