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Christina Lynch

Yoga Instructor
Gallery Artist

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Moon Flow Yoga
held every Friday

Christina Lynch (Chrys, she/they) received a 300 hour certification with Lionflow Progressive Yoga and Arts LLC in 2013 with founder Glenn Brown of New Albany, IN. She incorporates Hatha, Qi Gong and breathwork. Christina received training in small groups and through work-trade, ensuring that the training was about sharing a skillset and mentality instead of about money. 

Moon Flow Yoga is a response to the sequence that she studied formally, and like any artistic collaboration, continues to evolve and adjust to the needs of those present. Christina has performed yoga demos, mused for photographers and painters and taught across the wilder regions of Kentucky. 

At the core, Christina is a multidimensional artist, environmental activist and feminist. Contact her at for more information or to book a performance or show.





Doors will be locked except for scheduled classes or one on one therapies.

(859) 721-1841

309 North Ashland Ave Suite 180,
Lexington, KY 40502

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