Nisshan Sandhu
Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach
Herbalist & Aroma Therapist

Would you like to wake up feeling more energized, confident, intuitively connected and better able to deal with stress? Are you ready to feel in alignment with your work-life balance and body? Want to cultivate a more positive relationship with food, your self-care, spirituality and physical health? 

Nishaan is here to support you along your journey as a holistic health coach and healer!

Since 2006 she has assisted over a thousand individuals one-on-one to improve gut health, energy, mood, sleep, body image, weight management and holistic wellness. Her unique integration of mind-body nutrition, clinical herbal medicine, holistic aromatherapy, astrology for healing and Ayurvedic Living provides lasting results (even when clients have tried everything else without luck)! 

As an  intuitive and clinical healer, Nishaan blends a balance of science, nature and spirit.

Your time spent together will be all about what works for you – you won’t be asked to follow a formula, or memorize any diets. You already know all the things, you’ve already scrolled through Pinterest to midnight and back …. What you’re looking for is what works for YOU!

When working with Nishaan you will receive custom botanical medicines, and aromatherapy oils that are formulated for your unique body type (Dosha), taste and lifestyle. Clients have seen relief from symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, skin issues, food sensitivities, confidence and more through her integration of herbal medicine, spiritual astrology and coaching. You can view client testimonials here.

If you’re tired of feeling a bit drained, disconnected from your body, or overwhelmed with decision fatigue this work might be just right for you. If you find yourself over-committing to everyone but yourself, and ready to create time and space for yourself, consider meeting with Nishaan one-to-one and in person at Centered.

Nishaan has been there herself and loves supporting others through 1:1 work, group coaching, retreats and speaking engagements. She knows how great you will feel when you make the time and space to commit to your health and healing. She’s honored to have studied with some of the world’s leading herbalists, nutritionists, aromatherapist and spiritual teachers. She is also grateful to have learned from relatable personal healing experiences. 

There was literally a time when she couldn’t walk more than 20 minutes without feeling totally exhausted and grew up struggling with all kinds of mind-body issues! You can learn more about her journey in discovering healing for fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight challenges, allergies, food sensitivities and digestive disorders at her website, Or, you can connect with Nishaan on Instagram @NishaanSandhu or, learn directly from Nishaan through her latest video episode of Savour the Weeds.   

Nishaan is a Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, a Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Aromatherapist and Spiritual Astrologer. She has trained with world-renowned shamanic healers, nutritionists, herbalists, astrologers, and aromatherapists. She began her own private healing practice, Nourish, in 2008 where she deeply immersed her understanding of the human body through medical massage therapy, energy work, herbal medicine and aromatherapy for chronic pain, TMJ, self-care, nervous system disorders, stress and anxiety.





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We welcome all members of our community at Centered. If finances are a limiting factor for you, please ask about scholarships and sliding scale opportunities, as we are often able to work with clients and students to find a way to make our classes financially accessible. Scholarship spaces are limited; please ask about availability if you are in need.