Norah Evans

Reiki Practitioner

After graduating with a BA in psychology, Norah became aware of the limitations of standard counseling and started to peruse a holistic approach to mental health and well-being. Unable to find a graduate program that was based fully on holistic principles, she spent the next year traveling through Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and India exploring different healing modalities. She studied yoga, Ayurveda, sound therapy, body work, Reiki and Meditation from the Buddhist, Hindu, Yogic, eastern and western traditions. She was amazed by the power of conscious breathing techniques, intuitive healing and the transformative power of meditation. Her practice is based on the concept that balance is the key to health and she facilitates a space for individuals to find that balance within themselves. Her global training informs her practice through an ability to connect with people from different backgrounds and walks of life by providing an inclusive and safe space for all. She assists people in the process of removing emotional blocks, expanding their consciousness and connect more deeply to their intuition allowing natural healing to take place.

•RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher
Private sessions, pre/post natal, children and teen, hatha, and vinyasa flow
Certified in Bali, Indonesia

•Reiki Practitioner
Holy Fire Reiki Master
Certified in Washington, USA

•Sound Healing
Sound-bath healing technique using Tibetan singing bowls
Certified in Chiang Mai, Thailand

•Ayurvedic Therapist
Physical therapies, Marma, and Dosha balancing
Certified in Rishikesh, India

•Meditation Guide
Specializing in static and dynamic mediation techniques founded in Buddhist, Hindu, Tantra and Yogic traditions
Certified in Pokhara, Nepal

•B.A. Psychology
minors: anthropology and sociology
Eastern Washington University

Currently offering:
Sound Bath

Private Therapy Rates:
60min: $75
90min: $105

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10am-1pm & 4:30pm-6:30pm


(859) 721-1841

309 North Ashland Ave Suite 180,
Lexington, KY 40502

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