Jo Sorrell
Yoga Instructor

Jo has been practicing yoga for over ten years, and is a recent graduate of the 200 hour yoga teacher training program at the Lexington Healing Arts academy. Born and raised in Lexington, Jo has a deep connection and love for her fellow community members. Her yoga classes emphasis gentle and accessible techniques to release patterns of tension in the body, and breathing exercises to improve respiratory health.

Restorative Friday Flow Yoga with Jo, 6-7pm
Explore and Flow Yoga with Jo, Tuesday 6:45pm-8pm

About class: This class is a gentle flow designed to be accessible for beginners. Students will learn various ways to use props and poses to create a sense of release and openness in the body. Some breathing practices and meditation will be offered as well to help relax and regulate the nervous system. We welcome you to join us for some after yoga Friday fun and weekend kick-off in the Warehouse Block! $18 drop-in + Sales tax, or buy a package here.

“[Yoga] is a way of remembering our true nature, which is essentially joyful and peaceful. Yoga is also a science, that incorporates a broad range of practices and techniques that can be tailored and adapted to best suit your constitution and personality.” -Donna Farhi





Door will be locked except for scheduled classes

(859) 721-1841

309 North Ashland Ave Suite 180,
Lexington, KY 40502

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We welcome all members of our community at Centered. If finances are a limiting factor for you, please ask about scholarships and sliding scale opportunities, as we are often able to work with clients and students to find a way to make our classes financially accessible. Scholarship spaces are limited; please ask about availability if you are in need.