Cheng Liu
Cheng Liu

Acupuncturist, Integrative Medicine practitioner

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Covid Response
Tools for prevention and home care – check out the resources that Cheng has compiled here.
In addition to Centered procedures and National Certification Commission of Acupuncture guidelines, our acupuncturist changes cloth before work, and wears N95. Tables and equipment are disinfected between each use. For community acupuncture, maximum 4 people can be in the open studio space and masks are required.

Computer engineer turned acupuncturist, Cheng is a thriving modern healer based in Kentucky and Florida. In her toolbox she has up-to-date nutrition and biochemistry knowledge, blood and genetic lab tests, anti-aging and cellular health research, on top of natural medicine. Cheng listens to each individual, to arrive at What works. No matter where you are on the spectrum from healing to thriving, ask Cheng about supplements, herbs, how to simplify the Complicated task of staying healthy in today’s world. Ask her about digestive concerns such as leaky guts, SIBO, mercury and mold toxin, inflammation and pain, autoimmune, neurodegenerative conditions. Ask her about optimizing health, aging gracefully with NAD, C60, Pterostilbene and biohacking tactics. It makes her happy to share efficacious tools, for you to take better control of your own health.

“The body never forgets how to repair itself, so long as we address the root cause.” – Cheng Liu

A more personal story: Cheng grew up in China and came to the States for graduate school. She earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering and a second Masters in Computer Science. While writing code in IT and spending lots of spare time doing service – Big sister and hospice volunteer, she realized her own social anxiety and c-PTSD. In 2013 Cheng quit her programming job and traveled in a RV, and gradually came out of “dark nights of the soul”. She started training in herbalism and acupuncture from 2014, and healed herself from digestive and autoimmune illnesses. Cheng is thriving now, deeply compassionate And deeply capable of supporting others on their journey. She resides among homesteading friends near Berea Kentucky, and does what brings her joy: foraging, weaving baskets, giving people tools for health, loving and empowering one another. You can find more about her services and workshops at

License# AC140 from Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, U of New Mexico
Master of Oriental Medicine, Academy for Five Element Acupuncture
Thai Massage certificate, Old Medicine Hospital, ChiangMai, Thailand

Acupuncture or Tui Na: $75 for 1 hour
Nutrition, herb, Integrative consultation: $65 in person or over zoom
If you have financial difficulties contact Cheng for more affordable arrangements. Also, an one time 15 minutes consultation is always free.


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