Amy Coleman

Family Physician

Throughout Dr. Coleman’s 15 years of experience, the spirit of care for her patients has always been focused on how to connect the dots to deliver what patients needed from a mind body and soul level, while keeping compassion, open-heartedness and deep-listening at the forefront. Dr. Coleman trained at the University of Kentucky as a family medicine physician with secondary training in Japanese acupuncture at Harvard. Before residency she served as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force (USAF). Through wartime medicine after 9-11, she learned what it meant to be fully integrated as a unit of a team with her patients. Dr. Coleman established new, creative models of patient care design for the Air Force still employed today. In her work as the youngest and first female Commander of the Special Operations Clinic in Ramstein Germany, she guided global medical missions and was the appointed physician for officers of the highest command positions. Throughout her eight year career, she was chosen as primary physician for USAF F-16 Fighter Squadrons, USAF Special Forces units, U.S. Embassies, and two Four-star Generals,  as well as being chosen as the physician medical coordinator for NASA Space Shuttle support missions. 

Dr. Coleman is the author of the book, “Discovering Your Own Doctor Within.”  In 2010, Dr. Coleman created Wellsmart, a woman-owned, veteran-owned corporation. Wellsmart partners with employers, government and the military to design and implement advanced healthcare systems which modernize the approach to healthcare while still keeping the quality of the patient-doctor relationship at the forefront.  She speaks nationwide on topics of integrative and functional medicine and is an activist for healthcare reform.  

Dr. Coleman continues to see patients, both new and established. She continues to evolve her practice as a functional and integrative medicine physician. At Centered,  Dr. Coleman presently offers healing modalities that include the following:

Full Preventative and Comprehensive Wellness Physical:
-including thorough history, extensive exam, and referrals (if needed) as well as access to a full complement of functional and integrative laboratory panels (if necessary) to include:  pharmacogenetic testing, genomic analysis, heavy metal testing, food sensitivity testing, adrenal and reproductive hormone testing, nutritional and micronutrient analysis, as well as neurotransmitter analysis.
New patient preventative health exams require a 90 min appointment.


Uses the Healthtap app available for download on any smartphone.

Email and you will be sent a link to create an appointment.

Email consult: $40.00
Up to 15 min. video consult: $50.00
Up to 30 min. video consult: $75.00

Japanese Acupuncture with Auricular Acupuncture: 
-trained in the style of Master Kiiko Matsumoto, Dr. Coleman is a 2011 graduate from the immersive nine-month Structural Acupuncture for Physicians Harvard Course in Boston, Massachusetts.
New acupuncture patients require a 90 min appointment.

Microbiome Analysis 
and personalized 3-month nutritional program:
-to optimize the gut flora using the uBiome “Smartgut” program.

Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy
-a psychosensory meditation therapy developed by Ronald Ruden, MD which includes healing touch, effective for treating often-triggered memories and the “flight or flight” syndrome so common in our modern age.
Amygdala depotentiation services require a 90 min appointment minimum, and can go longer depending on case complexity.

In-person services are charged by the hour, at $150/hr rate.

Note: In-person services are 60 minutes except the following:

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