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Centered is a space that embraces the individual and recognizes the need for community. Our highly trained and trusted practitioners are devoted to their own daily practices and value the importance of the holistic way of life. All of our offerings are designed with you in mind and can be customized for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional students. Please know that you are welcome here.

If you are unsure about how to begin, we invite you to schedule a holistic health consult.

Lauren Higdon, Owner & Director (LMT, CYT, Birth Doula)

Lauren discovered her calling in the healing arts while practicing Aikido in 1999. Following her studies in psychology and fine arts at the University of Kentucky, Lauren re-envisioned her passion for holistic healing through massage therapy and yoga teacher training at the Lexington Healing Arts Academy, where she was a faculty member for over 12 years. She has been teaching classes on health and wellness in the Lexington community for over 15 years and greatly enjoys sharing talks on holistic health, PTSD, and infant massage for local hospitals, colleges, businesses, and physical educators.

“My intention is to create a safe, healthy, and exploratory environment for all the people I encounter, so that we may experience greater freedom to grow and find peace through all of life’s transitions.” Lauren believes in re-awakening and utilizing the imagination and breath as they are two of our greatest vehicles for transformation. Within a trusted and comfortable environment, we feel safe to be vulnerable. Facilitating a greater sense of self awareness and release of stagnation in the mind and body comes through the combined practice of breathwork, yoga, and bodywork. Her bodywork style integrates CranioSacral Therapy, Movement Re-Education, yoga, shiatsu, Vedic Thai Massage, and guided visualizations.

Lauren teaches regular classes and workshops at Centered and is also available for private one-on-one sessions in any of the following: massage therapy, yoga, meditation, breathwork, baby/pediatric massage, prenatal and postpartum massage. Lauren delights in working with women, children, and infants, and she has a special interest in working with children with sensory and neurological issues. “I am partial to serving individuals in recovery and those navigating PTSD – yes, close to my heart as I am a personal survivor, becoming a thriver!”

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Joshua Saxton, Yoga & Meditation, Massage & Bodywork, Breathwork, Operations & Outreach


Joshua began his journey in Massage Therapy in 1995 at the Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach, graduating in 1998. He is also a graduate of Amanda McMaine’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program as well as Matthew Higdon’s 200 hour Subtle Power Yoga Teacher Training program. Joshua facilitated Meditation for Stress Management classes with the Fayette County Drug Court Program for a decade and he has also provided services to the University of Kentucky athletics, Latitude Artist Community, Hospice, Camp Hope, the VA, and more. He is passionate about assisting others in their journey to mental, physical, and spiritual health. Joshua offers private, one-on-one massage therapy, yoga, breathwork / pranayama, and meditation sessions. He also teaches group yoga and meditation classes at Centered, along with occasional workshops.

Josh provides technique-based massage, and has been broadening inner work and integrating slowness. He specializes in rehab/injury treatment, range of motion, and deep tissue work. He also is experienced in facilitating the movement of grief stored in the body. Josh prefers clients to return, as he likes assigning “homework” in order to deepen benefits and progress. He can also provide education for self- and partner-massage.

Phone: 859-721-1841

Matthew Higdon, Yoga & Meditation, Massage & Bodywork

With more than 10 years in practice and over 2000 hours of training in the somatic and healing arts, the pursuit of meditation and synchronicity have been intrinsic to Matthew’s success working full-time as a bodyworker and teacher. His multi-layered view of body/mind comes from the lenses of diverse yoga lineages, functional movement, manual therapy, and Eastern medicine. He has also collaborated clinically with behavioral health nurses in using structural yoga, breath, and bodywork interventions for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other emotional, behavioral, and physical challenges.

Through his school, Subtle Power Yoga, Matthew assists diverse populations in find greater quality of life via development of one’s subtle sense perception and harnessing the intelligence of the elements, cyclical patterns, and textures of nature. Subtle Power Yoga celebrates and incorporates many movement styles and therapeutic schools of thought from alignment-based power yoga, acro yoga, and slacklining to structural bodywork, Nuad Borarn, Lymph Drainage Therapy, and movement re-education. Through the ongoing study of anatomy, physiology, psychology, manual therapy, and diverse massage types, Matthew continues to develop Subtle Power Yoga School.

Above all, he is focused on sharing basic, relevant techniques and concepts for cultivating a meaningful self-directed practice. Matthew leads weekly classes as well as transformational and informative workshops. He mentors teachers through Subtle Power Yoga School (RYS) and offers private and semi-private classes.

For Massage and One-On-One Appointments, Please Call: 859-948-5880

David Arnold and Sonya Blaydes, Tai Chi

David Arnold began studying T’ai-chi Ch’uan in 1983 in Santa Barbara, California. David studied under the tutelage of Sifu Gerry Marr, a 35-year student of Master Fong Ha’s, at the Integral Chuan Institute in Berkeley and who quickly became David’s lifelong friend. On several different occasions David studied with Fong Ha and was instrumental in bringing him to Lexington for workshops at the Lexington Wellness Center in the 1990′s. These teachers are part of a T’ai Chi lineage, descending directly from the Yang family in the early 1800′s. David’s classes also include various Chi Kung disciplines, such as I Ch’uan (Standing Meditation), Walking Meditation and Chi Ruler, that serve to accelerate the learning curve and benefits realized through the practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, by placing greater focus on the essence of movement and the flow of life energy in the body. David has studied nutrition and health for the promotion of longevity, for over 3 decades and practices as well as teaches, a set of vitality promoting exercises he titles, “Drinking From The Fountain Of Youth.” He is also a practitioner of Chinese Tui Na massage which clears chronic blockages from past injuries, and releases the free flow of healthy, life extending and body nourishing chi.

Sonya Blaydes, a dental hygienist, has been studying and teaching skill movement for years. First, there was bellydance, then poi, trick hula hooping, fire dance, and zumba. She has been studying Tai Chi since January 2013. As David’s quickest learning student, she has become an asset for new students. She has currently counted 498 sets of Tai Chi. Sonya has noticed a valuable increase in creativity, balance and skill in all other areas of study, including piano. Sonya currently teaches Tai Chi along with David Arnold

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Matt Branstetter, Yoga & Meditation, Massage & Bodywork, Qi Gong

matt branstetter qi gong central kentucky dao
Matt Branstetter has an extensive background in the healing and martial arts and in the practice of meditation. He began his study of Chinese martial arts, Qigong, Yoga and meditation in the mid-nineties and graduated from Lexington Healing Arts in 1999. He has practiced massage therapy for 18 years and teaches massage fundamentals @ LHAA. He has done advanced studies in many massage modalities over the years including Swedish, myofascial, craniosacral, shiatsu, visceral massage, Thai massage and Lomi Lomi. He is a certified Yoga instructor and teaches in Yoga Teacher Training programs @ LHAA and in Amanda McMain’s Essence of Yoga programs. He is a certified Qigong instructor through Rising Lotus Qigong and teaches weekly classes and workshops in Qigong @ Centered. He is also available for private Qigong sessions. Matt’s practice has been informed by his travel and academic study. For the last decade he has taught college classes in Spirituality and World Religions and is currently a professor of religion at Midway University.

Here is Matt with a general introduction to taiji (tai chi) and qigong:

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Jamie Brown, Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a mind-body exercise which counteracts the negative effects of stress and has a profound effect on our health and well-being. I became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader on October 4, 2015 and have taught at retirement homes, schools, yoga studios, festivals, and private events. My hope is to bring Laughter Yoga to everyone in Kentucky and share the amazing medical benefits of laughter with my ever growing community. If you laugh for 15 minutes a day, your life will change! Be healthy and happy!

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Amy Coleman, MD

Dr. Coleman has taken care of people in all sorts of places: on airplanes, boats, and battlefields, in the wilderness, schools and in homes. She’s helped people receive care in countries where there was no formal system for access to primary care doctors. Throughout Dr. Coleman’s 13 years of experience, the spirit of discovery was in how she could connect the dots to deliver what patients needed, keeping compassion at the forefront. It has been a heartfelt mission, and still is. As a family medicine physician with secondary training in Japanese acupuncture, Dr. Coleman started as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force (USAF). Through wartime medicine, she learned what it meant to be fully integrated as a unit of a team with her patients. Dr. Coleman also established new, creative models of patient care design for the Air Force still employed today. In her work as the youngest and first female Commander of the Special Operations Clinic in Ramstein Germany, she guided global medical missions and was the appointed physician for officers of the highest command positions. Throughout her career, she was chosen as primary physician for USAF F-16 Fighter Squadrons, USAF Special Forces units, and U.S. Embassies, as well serving as medical coordinator and physician for NASA Space Shuttle support missions. “I wanted to crack the code of this system and come back as an interpreter of the confusing language and concepts, while also empowering patients to realize that their health lay within the power of their own selves.”


Connie Milligan, LCSW, Transformational Life Coaching

life coach connie milligan lcsw lexington ky life coaching central kentucky therapy counseling therapist

After a long career in mental health as a therapist and Executive Corporate Director, Connie became discouraged by what was happening in the field. She began seeking change. She wanted her inner and outer life to be a more authentic reflection of her values and beliefs, and she wanted her professional and personal life to be more soul satisfying. This launched years of study and exploration of new treatment modalities along with personal and spiritual soul searching. Her interest in the metaphysical realm has led her down a personal path of exploration that has resulted in huge shifts in her clinical orientation and wonderful joy in her personal life. Connie’s decision to become a Transformational Life Coach was very intentional. She wanted to expand and refocus her clinical expertise with the positive, potential-based tools of Transformational Life Coaching. This is a dynamic, life-affirming change process, different from counseling, which starts with a focus on negative symptoms and diagnostics. Transformational Life Coaching relies on the Hermetic Principles and encourages you to find and utilize your strengths and achieve your greatest good. It is designed to create personal internal change that generates positive external manifestation. She has been honored for her work with many awards, written numerous articles and provided extensive state and national training and consultation. On a recent trip to Africa Connie discovered her own spiritual lineage and she is currently learning more.

As a Transformational Life Coach, she currently puts her years of study and experience to use by offering workshops, classes and coaching for individuals, groups and couples. Connie offers free phone (or Skype) consultations to all new clients. You don’t have to be local to Central Kentucky to work with her, and she offers a sliding scale to fit any budget. Contact Connie to schedule a session OR to discuss whether this is the right step for you.

Spectrum Transformation
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Maryliana Wickus, Yoga & Meditation, Breathwork, Life Coaching

Maryliana has over 5 years of training as a qualified instructor in Tantra and Yoga and is a qualified Breathwork Facilitator, and is also a Family Coach. She has over 15 years of experience with Breathwork, Tantra, and Yoga. After the profound impact of a six-month experience assisting indigenous communities in the Amazon jungle, Maryliana took the steps towards a new and more holistic approach to the kind of service she now offers her fellow human beings. She is grateful to now offer others what she has personally experienced. During her private practice in Caracas, her patients and their mothers recurrently expressed their need to be heard. The consultations always ended with a life story, frustrated expectations, desires kept “on hold” and the uncertainty regarding everyday decisions that must be taken. All of this echoed Maryliana’s own life processes and she discovered a vocation to serve others in areas that stretched the boundaries of many years of academic studies. Breathwork opened Maryliana’s heart to a new path of discovery, learning, and helping people. Her passion developed in different countries throughout Latin America, Europe, and since 2008 the United States. She is currently focused on alternative therapies and the undeniable benefit they hold for emotional and spiritual growth, positive health changes, and an awakening of the human spirit.

Awakening Breath
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