Vulnerable Musings on Election Day

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October 11, 2016
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November 16, 2016
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Vulnerable Musings on Election Day

Taking a long hot bath with candles and oils has become my morning ritual. At least once a week, I fully indulge in this experience and it helps me to feel renewed and inspired and a little more luscious.

Today is Election Day and my bathtime meditation this morning consisted of clearing my head and heart from all of the negativity swirling around this year’s presidential election. One year ago today, I was sitting with Tibetan monks in the Centered studio, feeling a complete sense of peace, compassion, love and comfort. Today, I’m voting in a very important and sometimes uncomfortable presidential election. Of course, it’s important to take time to fully focus on those things so we can make clear, informed decisions and then move on to more proactive thinking and more positive thoughts and actions surrounding our government, our city and each other.

My bath time has become this lovely ritual to cleanse and renew my own energy, much in the way that sage cleanses and renews the energy in our air and our environment. I love to hold my breath with most of my body submerged underwater, playing with the pressure change and buoyancy. This simple activity actually helps me recalibrate. It’s also the time that I find the most inspiration for my Tuesday morning yoga class. The ideas come to me regarding what we need to focus on for the daily theme.

So today, on this very important Election Day, I realized it is my greatest hope and prayer that the outcome today brings our country together. I hope this day helps to heal our earth and brings more safety, comfort and stability for my children and all of our children everywhere.

May we know peace.
May we know compassion.
May we know love and be loved.

Nourish Shakti is this weekend and I feel nervous. I want so many people to show up and allow themselves to be nurtured, vulnerable and cared for in the same way that I have been by my friends and community. I want to give back. I want to help people to feel that positive, nurturing experience in their own body and their own system so they may return to their usual life with a deeper sense of safety, belonging and incredible comfort. This election season is the time for us to come together as a community. It’s a long time coming but it will only happen if we work toward it together.

It is so important to MAKE DECISIONS from a place of LOVE rather than fear. When we are experiencing Love, we feel a sense of expansiveness and lightness. Fear feels withdrawn and tight. When considering the huge decisions that lay before us and the actions that need to be taken, may we take pause and invite LOVE FIRST.

Today, let’s all look at the individual topics and policies on our ballot and make an informed decision for ourselves and our communities. Let’s focus on positive outcomes for long lasting change. Let’s start within ourselves and spread outward so we all may take advantage of this change and share it with others.

May your day be filled with PEACE, COMFORT, COMPASSION and LOVE!



Lauren Higdon
Lauren Higdon
Lauren Higdon (LMT, CYT, Birth Doula) is the Owner & Director of Centered in Lexington, KY. Her intention is to create a safe, healthy and exploratory environment for all, so that everyone may experience greater freedom to grow and find peace through all of life’s transitions. Learn more about Lauren here: