NOURISH Yourself with Our Autumn Wellness Tips!

Guest Blog by Connie Milligan
September 2, 2016
What We Can Learn from the Tides by Connie Milligan, LCSW
October 11, 2016
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NOURISH Yourself with Our Autumn Wellness Tips!

The wind is whipping around outside and can cause our Vatta (one of the three doshas, or constitutions of our body in Ayurveda) to become out of balance. This causes us to feel confused, out of sorts and possibly even develop sickness.
To restore balance:
1) Drink warm fluids
2) Use more spice in your cooking
3) Keep your head covered outdoors.
4) Take time for self care, even if it is something as simple as wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, sipping some tea and doing some deep breathing exercises.

Nourish yourself.
xo, Lauren



Lauren Higdon
Lauren Higdon
Lauren Higdon (LMT, CYT, Birth Doula) is the Owner & Director of Centered in Lexington, KY. Her intention is to create a safe, healthy and exploratory environment for all, so that everyone may experience greater freedom to grow and find peace through all of life’s transitions. Learn more about Lauren here: