Centered: Lexington’s Holistic Health & Wellness Center

Supporting, educating and inspiring our world

through the moving, visual and healing arts!

Nestled within one of Lexington’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods, Centered provides a joyful, safe and healing physical space to bring our community together. Through a Holistic Care Model, Centered bridges the gap between western medicine and eastern philosophy. We’re devoted to supporting individuals, families and our community. We look at you as an individual. The minute you step through that door, you are more than just a client to us. You’re a person with unique needs and desires. From injuries to migraines, from aches and pains to PTSD, we want to help you heal and nurture your individual needs as much as possible. We’ve tried to create a safe environment here at Centered so that you continue feeling comfortable coming to us for help. We want this space to be a nurturing, healing nest for everyone who visits us. Our environment incorporates a variety of ideas and healing methods to accommodate all types of people, taking you to a state of relaxation rather than stress.

Meet Our Team

We are more than a place to get a massage or attend a yoga class.

We aspire to be your life wellness partner.

In 2013, Centered was founded as Lexington’s Center for Healing Community by Lauren Higdon along with a big, bright team of individuals. This space was created with the intention of becoming a progressive and safe space to foster whole body wellness. Over the past few years, Centered has been growing in opportunities and events for the Lexington-Fayette community. Practitioners and instructors at Centered are all professionals with world-wide knowledge, experience and certification. This team of individuals collectively support and engage with one another furthering Centered’s mission to create a cooperative community space.

Here at Centered, we are committed to offering services to Lexington, Central Kentucky and the rest of our local community in a manner that is easy and affordable. Therefore we will always have at least one donation based class per week. We also offer community acupuncture at just $30 per session and chair massage at just $1 per minute. Our boutique includes many products to support your healthy lifestyle at prices that fit all budgets. We carry organic aromatherapy and body products from Sassabella and Wyndmere as well as books, handmade local jewelry and tools for practicing yoga and meditation. We support local artists with our rotating Hallway Gallery.

If you want to feel better, come to centered. – Kim Scott (Centered Client)